The principle of a Savings and Credit Co-operative (Sacco) is to encourage members to save part of their earnings, and through a pooled mechanism, borrow loans to meet various needs. Each member of the Sacco is required to contribute a minimum contribution of Two Thousand Shillings (Kes. 2,000/-); which form the deposits of the member. Such deposits earn interests that are distributed after every Annual General Meeting (AGM).

In order to ensure multifaceted approaches to strengthening the culture of saving among members Faidisha Wanabiashara Sacco has developed and is currently managing Four  types of Savings Schemes – two for members and one for their children. This is also to enable the future membership of FAWA (members’ children) start inculcating a saving culture at an early stage.

Faidisha Savings

Compulsory to every member of Faidisha. A minimum of Kshs 2000 per month apply and a member earns interest every year. Savings not withdrawable unless one is exiting from the Sacco.

Fixed Deposit

It allows members save for a fixed duration i.e. 3,6,9,12 months earning attractive interest.

Jipange Savings

- Allows members to save with the Society in addition to the ordinary deposits.
- Only members of Faidisha Wanabiashara Sacco Society can join the scheme.etc

Mwanangu Savings

- The scheme is only available to members of the Society for their children
- The account is opened in the name of the child but in full custody of the parent/guardian who is a member of the Society. etc